Terms of Use and Scope of Warranty

LACNIC offers its structure of certification 'as is'. LACNIC does not guarantee that its LACNIC RPKI certification structure or its use may:

  1. Function uninterruptedly or in a safe manner;
  2. Be free from flaws or inaccuracies in its use for the purposes described in this practice;
  3. Comply with all the requirements of its users; and/or
  4. Operate in the configuration or with the hardware used by the users.

These presents shall not be interpreted as an explicit or implicit warranty by LACNIC, including and with no limitation whatsoever: usage warranties for a specific purpose or competence warranties for a specific purpose and infringements of any kind. LACNIC is the only party of this agreement authorized to consider the information in the certificates. No warranty whatsoever is offered by LACNIC regarding the use of these certificates by third parties who believe and trust in its contents, thus, any third party carrying out these tasks shall do it at his/her own risk.

LACNIC shall not be held responsible for any change in its database that may take place due to an improper operation of a user and produced by the non compliance of any of its terms and conditions.

LACNIC shall not be held responsible for the incidental consequences, whether direct or indirect, occurring by the operation of any user or “third party” (including damages, consequential damages, lost revenue, material losses and/or any other concept) occurring out of, concerning to or connected with the use of this certifying entity, based on any cause of the action of these certificates.

LACNIC shall, in any way, not be liable for damages of any kind, produced by, related to or connected with, circumstances which are not under LACNIC´s control, including but not limited to: (i) Complying with law, regulations or provisions of government institutions; or (ii) Force majeure reasons, including but not limited to: wars (declared or not), hostilities, violent protest, civil riots, terrorist acts, blockades, quarantines, strikes and/or other general or particular laboral disturbances, lockout or industrial action of any kind, explosion, fire, floods or any kind of natural disaster, temporary or permanent interruption, of any kind, in the supply of electric energy, telephone, Internet, telecommunications or other transmission or public or technological service, flaws and faults in the software, flaws and faults in the hardware or other systems, loss or shortage of means of transport, breakdowns of machinery or equipment, and any other cause, whether natural, technological, political or economic, which has not been caused by negligence of the party which alleges such contingency, or by any other natural phenomena or force majeure cause, similar to any of the aforementioned, which the company may not be able to cope with by means of reasonable diligence and without causing excessive costs.

The user represents and guarantees LACNIC that: (1) has been duly authorized by his/her organization to perform the contact function; (2) all the information the contact provides to LACNIC is complete, faithful and updated; (3) the contact has been and shall continue to be the only person or entity possessing the Personal Password (and related information) and no other unauthorized person had or shall have access to it and; (4) the contact shall use his/her certificates exclusively to the purposes the latter has been created for.